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Experiential Training in Matpel and SSOMA

A different, experiential training grounded in your reality!


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The best way to ensure a safe cultural pattern in your organization is by influencing your collaborators in a positive way so that they make the best possible decisions. These occur specifically when they have the necessary knowledge to carry out the work safely, verifying the necessary conditions to carry it out, as well as finding the personal, team and organizational convenience to carry it out (known as personal motivation or awareness).


IFSEC develops training courses and trainings based on the best practices and international standards, the specific requirements of the client and our own operating experience, to generate learning tailored to the conditions and characteristics of the participants.


The best advantage that the IFSEC methodology shows is that it shows at all times the importance of training and the applicability of the knowledge delivered to people, positively impacting the way they make decisions, guiding them to behaviors and safe work. Likewise, in conditions where an accident must be responded to, apply the knowledge acquired to resolve the situation, in the best way, safely, mitigating the effects that have been generated by the incident itself.


All in all, IFSEC, recognized as a Labor Competence Certification Center by the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), will always be the best option for the development of training and training activities, either at its facilities or at our databases. Callao, Arequipa or Barranca.

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