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Escorts and Risk Management in the

matpel transport

Ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination with safety, quality and efficiency en route.


of Risks 

Transportation is one of the most complex components in the supply chain of hazardous materials, since it comprises many variables that need to be controlled, ensuring its integrity as a whole, so that it can reach its destination without incident.


IFSEC carries out adequate risk management, coordinating with the consignee, the transport company and the recipient of the cargo, so that the work is properly planned, identifying risk points, resolving them in close communication, being a true integrated of the activities transport, reducing the uncertainty that an incident may arise.

We work to have safe operations, from ensuring stowage conditions, container lashing, truck operating conditions, documentation verification of convoy members, convoy integrity, verification of compliance with the Route Plan and plotting of the convoy and much more.


However, we are also prepared to respond safely and quickly to an unwanted event, based on knowledge of the conditions of the route in which we work.

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