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Hazardous Materials Incident Response and Environmental Remediation

State-of-the-art technology available for the attention of matpel events, at your disposal!


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The response to matpel incidents requires having personnel, materials and equipment available to go to the place of the event safely, efficiently and quickly, seeking to reduce the impact of the event itself.


In addition, in addition to this, environmental remediation implies having the resources and specific knowledge to return the affected area to its initial state prior to the event. By integrating both activities, a synergy is generated where resources to be used can be reduced, both in time and logistical coordination:

  • Own equipment, not depending on rentals or other ways to get what is required for the response.

  • Formal agreements with companies that supply personal protective equipment, to ensure the equipment if necessary.

  • Immediate response time, by having bases and equipment along the route where our clients move

  • Coordination for the use of external support, such as yellow line machinery, environmental monitoring, etc.

  • Crisis management, having close communication with the affected communities, seeking to mitigate the impact, in full coordination with the Community Relations areas of the clients.

  • Environmental Insurance Policy in the name of IFSEC.

IFSEC is able to perform both services, with all the resources available for an appropriate deployment in response activities, exceeding the needs and expectations of customers and interested parties involved (authorities, residents of the affected area, end customer, etc.).

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