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Our services

Industrial Services with hazardous materials involved

We have teams of highly trained professionals.



Our experience in chemical risk management, both in industrial facilities and in transport, has given us great experience in the development of industrial services, which we offer with a differentiator that in our way of working and our values, security is their “spinal cord”. To this end, our services:

  • Transfer of chemical products (from and to any type of container, such as IBC, isotank, cylinder, etc.), including viscous products.

  • Cleaning of tanks containing dangerous products such as sulfuric acid, fuels, etc.

  • Removal of hazardous waste,

  • Cleaning of areas where dangerous products are found.

And all those who need, will be carried out under the most rigorous security measures, where both the client and our own employees, are with the certainty that the best possible safe work is being carried out, with the protection and equipment required to achieve it with successful and without incident.

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